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1. Call our hotline and submit a request.
Hotline: 8 (800) 222-33-44
Or call at : +7 (963) 666-73-28

2. How many vehicles will join the project? Send us a file with the key information about your vehicles (fleet number/vehicle registration number, make/model, color).

3. Send us a photo of the vehicle (view from behind). We’ll make several sticker designs and approve them with you.

4. Make a list of people who will be responsible for processing complaints and dealing with drivers.

5. Our team will enter your vehicle data into the system, train your employees to work with our software program, and help you put stickers on your vehicles in any part of Russia.


Alexey Kuznetsov
Cell: +7 963 666 73 28

Tatianа Bibikova
Cell: +7 967 052 32 63



Starting from October 1, 2015, Ё-Taxi joins the nation-wide project “DTP-NET!” by adopting an additional system to control driving behavior of its employees.

All Ё-Taxi cars now have a sticker saying “I AM A CAREFUL DRIVER. THINK OTHERWISE? CALL 8-800-222-33-44». Company clients, pedestrians, and other drivers can call this TOLL-FREE number every time they witness that a Ё-Taxi driver violates road traffic rules or creates an accident-prone situation.

All calls are reported to the Ё-Taxi road safety department. Following a thorough investigation, careless drivers face punishment.

“Safety and comfort of our passengers is our top priority. Committed to keeping up with the time, we’re adopting the world’s best practices. Nowadays, “How is my driving” system is one of the most effective tools to control obedience to traffic rules. Successfully applied in Germany and Israel, the initiative was first adopted in Russia two years ago. Any road user can call a 24/7 hotline to report a traffic offence by one of our drivers. The information will be given to the company management for further investigation. If a driver is found guilty, they will face disciplinary action. Systematic offenders will be fired. For us, there is nothing more important than safety of our passengers. We hope that such a form of public control will make our roads safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians,” said RostislavPyltsov, General Director of Ё-Taxi.

Call Ё-Taxi at 500-000
Corporate clients relations: 323-407
Группа Вконакте:

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According to insurance companies, 85% of road traffic accidents in Russia are caused by careless drivers

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