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1. Call our hotline and submit a request.
Hotline: 8 (800) 222-33-44
Or call at : +7 (963) 666-73-28

2. How many vehicles will join the project? Send us a file with the key information about your vehicles (fleet number/vehicle registration number, make/model, color).

3. Send us a photo of the vehicle (view from behind). We’ll make several sticker designs and approve them with you.

4. Make a list of people who will be responsible for processing complaints and dealing with drivers.

5. Our team will enter your vehicle data into the system, train your employees to work with our software program, and help you put stickers on your vehicles in any part of Russia.


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Cell: +7 963 666 73 28

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Date of publication:  31.07.2017

Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) applies to all information about User which ООО “DTPnet” (INN 7723907354, OGRN 1147746469551, legal address: 117246, Moscow, Nauchniy proezd, 17) and/or all persons can receive by law or agreement while using the website and/or any other services, programs, products and/or services of DTPnet (hereinafter referred to as “DTPnet Services”) and complying with any agreements between OOO “DTPnet” and User.

This Policy applies to Users that provided their Personal Information when submitting a report to OOO “DTPnet” by phone, email, and/or any other way (hereinafter referred to as “DTPnet Report”).

User’s consent to the Policy expressed through any relationship with DTPnet applies to all other persons, who can receive User’s Personal Information by law and/or agreement.

By using DTPnet Services, User agrees with this Policy and the terms of processing Personal Information set forth herein. Should User disagree with these terms, User must abstain from using the website and/or DTPnet Services.


1.1.      This Privacy Policy uses the following terms:

1.1.1. Website – means a web resource located at and owned by OOO “DTPnet”, and via which Users can access DTPnet Services.

1.1.1.   Administration of the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website Administration”) –  means authorized employees of ООО “DTPnet” that act on behalf of ООО “DTPnet” and are responsible for complying with this Privacy Policy and performance of DTPnet Services.

1.1.2. User’s Personal Information – means personal information provided by User when submitting a Report to DTPnet, registering (creating a personal account) with DTPnet and/or using DTPnet Services, including User’s personal data.  Required registration information is designated with special symbols. Other information is provided by User at their sole discretion.

Data automatically sent to DTPnet Services via software installed on User’s device, including IP address, cookies, browser information (or any other program used to access DTPnet Services), technical specifications of User’s hardware and software, date and time of access to DTPnet Services, and other similar information.

1.1.3. User (hereinafter referred to as “User”) – means a person that can access and use the Website via Internet, and/or a person that submits a Report to DTPnet.

1.1.4. Cookies — mean pieces of data sent by web server and stored on User’s computer or sent by web client or web browser to web server as a HTTP request every time User attempts to access a website.

1.1.5. IP address — means a unique address that a computing device uses to identify itself in the IP network.


2.1. This Policy only applies to the Website and the information processed while using the Website and DTPnet Services and processing submitted Reports.

Website Administration is not responsible for User’s information being used by third party websites which User may access via links available on DTPnet Website.

2.2. Website Administration and DTPnet Services do not check accuracy of personal information provided by User or judge on their legal capacity.

However, Website Administration assumes that User provides accurate and sufficient personal information and keeps such information updated, and is aware of the consequences of providing inaccurate or insufficient information.



3.1. Website Administration only collects and stores personal information needed to provide DTPnet Services and/or process User’s Reports, and comply with agreements between OOO “DTPnet” and User, except for the cases when such Personal Information is lawfully required to be stored within a certain period of time.

3.2. User’s Personal Information is processed to:

3.2.1. allow Website Administration and DTPnet Services to identify User, process User’s Reports, comply with agreements and contracts between User and OOO “DTPnet”, including but not limited to creating a user account, if User agrees to that by performing certain actions (fills out a form).

3.2.2. provide personalized DTPnet Services to User;

3.2.3. maintain contact to User, including sending them notifications, requests and information regarding the use of DTPnet Services, compliance with agreements (contracts), and processing User’s requests and reports;

3.2.4. target advertising materials;

3.2.5. improve the quality of DTPnet Services, enhance their usability, and develop new DTPnet Services;

3.2.6. conduct statistical and other research using anonymized data.

3.2.7. provide User with effective customer and technical support in case of problems with Website.

3.2.8. provide User (upon their consent) with newsletters and other information materials from or its partners;

3.2.9. provide User with access to websites and services of partners to receive new products, updates, and services.

3.3 Terms of processing User’s Personal Information and disclosing it to third parties.

3.3.1 OOO “DTPnet” shall keep User’s Personal Information confidential, except for the cases when User makes their Personal Information public. By using certain DTPnet Services, User agrees that some of their Personal Information becomes a part of the public domain.

3.4. To process the User’s personal data, Website Administration shall be guided by the Federal Law on Personal Data of the Russian Federation.

3.5. Should User’s Personal Information be lost or disclosed, Website Administration shall notify User of such loss and/disclosure.

3.6. Website Administration shall take all organizational and technical steps to protect User’s Personal Information from unauthorized or random access, destroying, modification, blocking, copying, disclosure and other unlawful actions by third parties.

3.7. Website Administration and User shall take all efforts to prevent losses or other negative consequences resulting from loss or disclosure of User’s personal data.

3.8. Should User, their authorized representative or competent authority notify Website Administration of inaccurate Personal Information or any unlawful actions in regard of such Personal Information, Website Administration shall block such Personal Information.

3.9. Website Administration shall not be held liable if Personal Information:

3.9.1. was already a part of the public domain at the time it was lost or disclosed.

3.9.2. was already received from a third party at the time it was received by Website Administration.

3.9.3. was disclosed on User’s consent or by User themselves.


4.1. User has the right at any time to modify (update, expand) their Personal Information or a part thereof by using the editing feature.

4.2. User has the right to remove Personal Information submitted by them in their personal account. By removing Personal Information, User may be unable to use some of DTPnet Services.

4.3. Upon submitting a written request, User has the right to remove their Personal Information, and Website Administration shall remove such Personal Information.


5.1. Cookie files sent between DTPnet Services and User’s devices can be used by Website Administration to provide User with personalized Services, target ads shown to User for statistical and research purposes, and improve DTPnet Services.

5.2. User understands that hardware and software they use to access websites can block cookies (from all or some websites) and delete received cookies.

5.3. Website Administration has the right to provide certain Services only on the condition that User enables cookies.

5.4. Structure, content and technical parameters of cookie files are determined by Website Administration and can be modified with no prior notice to User.

5.5. Counters on DTPnet Services can be used to analyze User’s cookies, collect and process statistical information on the use of Services, and ensure smooth performance of Services and selected features thereof.  Technical specifications of counters are set by Website Administration and can be modified with no prior notice to User.


6.1. Website Administration shall take all necessary and sufficient, organizational and technical steps to protect User’s Personal Information from unauthorized or random access, destroying, modification, blocking, copying, disclosure, and other unlawful actions by third parties


7.1. Website Administration reserves the right to make changes to this Policy. Amended policy contains the date of the latest revision.  Amendments enter into force upon publication of the amended Policy, except as otherwise provided in the amended Policy. The current Policy is available at

7.2. This Policy and relationships between User and Website Administration arising out of this Policy shall be governed by the law of the Russian Federation.



8.1. All suggestions and questions regarding this Policy shall be submitted via “Contact Us” form on

8.3. The current Privacy Policy is available at

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