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1. Call our hotline and submit a request.
Hotline: 8 (800) 222-33-44
Or call at : +7 (963) 666-73-28

2. How many vehicles will join the project? Send us a file with the key information about your vehicles (fleet number/vehicle registration number, make/model, color).

3. Send us a photo of the vehicle (view from behind). We’ll make several sticker designs and approve them with you.

4. Make a list of people who will be responsible for processing complaints and dealing with drivers.

5. Our team will enter your vehicle data into the system, train your employees to work with our software program, and help you put stickers on your vehicles in any part of Russia.


Alexey Kuznetsov
Cell: +7 963 666 73 28

Tatianа Bibikova
Cell: +7 967 052 32 63



“DTP-NET!” team will participate in the round table on how to ensure safety of taxi transportation. The discussion is held as a part of IV International Eurasian Forum “TAXI” in Moscow. “DTP-NET!” will be represented by general director Tatiana Bibikova and project partner Edward Ostrobrod, who will speak on the topic.

“DTP-NET!” encourages safe and responsible driving among company drivers. A car gets a sticker with a hotline number. By calling the hotline, you can report a traffic violation committed by the driver. A calling person can also provide photo- and video evidence, if there is any. You can see each driver’s profile with a list of complaints and their status, and violation categories. Company managers use this information to take action against careless drivers.

According to the project director Tatiana Bibikova, “DTP-NET!” is a simple solution that enables companies to control their drivers, get fast feedback from other road users, and correct their drivers’ behavior before they have an accident and harm themselves and others.”

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According to insurance companies, 85% of road traffic accidents in Russia are caused by careless drivers

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